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Owning a home, is every person's dream come true. But the ever escalating property price and sky rocketing interest rates act as a great hindrance to all. Even if one decides to buy a home through home loan finance, the very prospect of meeting several home loan providers to check out their current home loan rates before reaching a final decision, scares the wits out off the buyers mind.


A Personal Loan is an all purpose loan. It is absolutely hassle free and you can do virtually anything under the sky with the money, as long as you pay off the installments in time. It is an unsecured loan without guarantors, securities, hypothecation or any mortgages. Your income i.e., salary if salaried and IT Returns if self-employed along with other factors such as repayment track record and bank statement amongst others are considered by the banks during loan sanction. Personal loans are available from Rs.50000/-to Rs.20, 00,000/-for tenure of 1 year to 5 years depending on income and repaying capacity. The rule of thumb being longer the tenure higher the loan amount and lower the EMI per month.